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Resume for Donald L. Stevens
Don Stevens is a successful, discovery-driven, consulting economic geologist. His discoveries include the deeply buried “Channel A” pay streak at Valdez Creek which was the largest placer gold producer in North America for the period between 1984 and 1994, a smaller pay streak which commenced production in 1993, and numerous lode deposits. His specialties include exploration geochemistry, economic geology, exploration of lode and placer deposits, mineral appraisals, geophysics, petrography and construction rock. He is an expert in the logistics and management of exploration in Alaska, and in the assessment of the mineral potential of specific areas. In his 41 years in exploration in Alaska, he has developed good relationships with leaders in the Alaska Legislature, Federal and State agencies, and Native corporations. He is in demand as an expert witness and has rendered decisive expert testimony in several court cases.  He has written numerous NI 43-101 reports.


Ph.D. Geology University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 1971
B. S. Chemistry University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 1968
B. S. Geology University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 1967


Stevens Exploration Management Corp., Anchorage, Alaska
President: February, 1978 to Present
Minerals exploration and economic geology contracting and consulting services to mining companies and native corporations in Alaska. Successful in placer and hardrock exploration. Noted for conscientious work. Sole Trustee of a native corporation trust fund for Section 7(i) revenues. Good problem-solver and expert witness. Good reputation with past employees. Alaskans have had over 1,500 man-years of employment on discoveries made by Don Stevens which achieved production.

Cities Service Minerals Corp., Anchorage, Alaska
District Geologist: August, 1970 - January, 1978
Planned and managed large exploration programs for porphyry copper deposits. Numerous discoveries.

Bacon and Crowhurst, Denali Copper Prospect, Alaska
Project Manager: Summer, 1969
Managed exploration of high-grade sedimentary chalcopyrite deposit which included driving of 1,400 feet of adit, 1,000’s of feet of diamond and percussion drilling, geologic mapping, sampling, surveying.

U. S. Geological Survey, Heavy Metals Program, Fairbanks, Alaska
Geologist: Summer, 1968
Studied geology and sampled lode gold occurrences on Ester Dome area west of Fairbanks.

New Alaska Syndicate, Denali Copper Prospect, Alaska
Project Geologist: Summer, 1967
Detailed geologic mapping and diamond drilling on sedimentary chalcopyrite deposit.

New Alaska Syndicate, Alaska Range, Southeast AK, Shumagin Is., Kuskokwim Mtns.
Prospector: Summers of 1964, 1965 and 1966
In 1964 and 1965, prospected for and found epithermal precious metals occurrences, rhyolite-associated mercury occurrences, and volcanogenic massive sulfides. In 1966, did detailed geologic mapping in Alaska Range, and conducted a cold extractable geochemical survey in southeast Alaska.


Dome Exploration (U.S.) Ltd.; Orbex Minerals Ltd.; Denali Mining Company; Ashton Mining Ltd.; BHP-Utah International Inc.; Camindex Mines, Ltd.; Getty Mining Company; U. S. Borax and Chemical Corp.; Bering Straits Native Corporation; NANA Regional Corporation; Aspen Exploration Corporation; Rowallan Mine Partnership; Black-Smith & Richards; Cominco Alaska Exploration; Cyprus Gold Company; Chugach Alaska Corporation; Fox Geological Consultants, Ltd.; North Pacific Mining Corporation; Calista Corporation; Lakloey, Inc.; The Aleut Corporation; Stebbins Native Corporation; Teck Exploration Ltd.; State of Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources; State of Alaska Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities; Contractor for six years of airborne geophysical surveys for State of Alaska DGGS; US Department of Justice; USDOI National Park Service; US Geological Survey; US Bureau of Land Management; Numerous small mining companies.


Alaska Miners Association: (Past Director; past Chairman of Anchorage Branch; Program Chairman, 1982 Convention; Chairman, 1983 Convention; Session Chairman, 1984 Convention; Co-Chairman, 1985 Convention; Chairman, 1986 Convention, Industrial Minerals Session Chairman, 2002 Convention, Session Chairman, 2006 Convention)
Northwest Mining Association; Society of Economic Geologists; Association of Applied Geochemists; AIME-SME (past Chairman of south-central Alaska branch); past member of the Alaska Minerals Commission (1994-2000).


Licensed Geologist, State of Alaska (AA 209)
American Institute of Professional Geologists (CPG 7573)


Stevens, D. L., R. B. Forbes, and D. B. Hawkins, 1969, Gold Anomalies and Magnetometer Profile Data, Ester Dome Area, Fairbanks District, Alaska: U. S. Geological Survey Open File Report 384, 43 p.

Stevens, D. L., 1971, Geology and Geochemistry of the Denali Prospect, Clearwater Mountains, Alaska, unpublished Ph. D. dissertation, University of Alaska.

Stevens, D. L., 1972, Geology and Geochemistry of the Denali Prospect, Alaska; presented at the AIME Annual Meeting, 1972, Preprint No. 72 I-29.

Stevens, D. L., 1982, Developments in Alaska, 1982: presented at the Northwest Mining Association Convention, 1982, abstract.

Stevens, D. L., 1983, Bedrock Sources of Placer Gold: Fifth Annual Conference on Alaskan Placer Mining, 1983.

Stevens Exploration Management Corp., 1983, The Chicago Creek and Norton Sound Area Coal Exploration Programs, 1982, (K. H. Manning, D. L. Stevens): prepared under subcontract to Denali Drilling Inc. for the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources.

M. S. Robinson and D. L. Stevens, 1983, (Compilers), Geologic Map of the Seward Peninsula, Alaska: State of Alaska Division of Geologic and Geophysical Surveys Report of Investigations 83-20 (black & white version); 1984, Special Report 34 (color version).

Stevens, D. L., 1997, Evaluation of the Mining Claim Location System Under Alaska Mining Law and Regulation: for Alaska Miners Association, Inc. under Cooperative Agreement with Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mining and Water Management, 45 p.

Stevens, D. L., 1997, Evaluation of the Mining Claim Location System Under Alaska Mining Law and Regulation: presented at the Alaska Miners Association Annual Convention, November, 1997.

Stevens, D. L., 2001, Healy Quadrangle Alaska Resource Data File: U. S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-109.

Many confidential private reports, project reports, qualifying reports, appraisal reports, evaluation reports, etc. prepared for clients. Expert witness work on seven cases. As contractor for the Alaska airborne geophysical surveys programs for the last 6 years, SEMC is a co-author of over 300 publications resulting from those surveys.


Born and raised in central Nebraska. Played semi-pro baseball 3 summers after high school graduation.
Served for four years in U. S. Navy: Honorable Discharge.
Health is excellent: 6' 2" tall, 210 pounds.
Married; wife Carolyn also a geologist and past editor of The Alaska Miner, two children
Owns home. Owns Stevens Exploration Management Corp.