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SEMC Project Summaries
In 2002, I had a project for the BLM in Kantishna with my daughter Marian as my field
assistant.  Here we are at Wonder Lake, with Mt. McKinley (20,320') in the background.
On one of our outings, the Park Service representative "high-centered" the truck in a creek
crossing with all of us and our gear onboard.  We then had to walk over ten miles back to
the road, which included 24 stream crossings all over knee high.  When we arrived back
at the main road, I hitched a ride back to our camp for us.  Marian was disappointed
because she wanted to be able to say we had walked all the way back to our camp.
In the spring of 2004, my daughter Michal worked in a dental clinic
in Guinea West Africa and is on her way to becoming an epidemiologist. 
Here she administers shots to patients who are getting teeth pulled.
 On the apron at Shemya.  I took a Coast Guard hop from Kodiak to Attu (5.5 hours) to look
 for an aggregate source for client.  We returned to Kodiak after a layover on Shemya.
"Mom is sure grouchy this morning!"
There was no question about who had the right-of-way here.